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Hats manufacturer and exporter

Tanto Huayuan y Sunrose Pertenecer a nuestra empresa.
Huayuan es un fabricante de sombreros, especializado en el desarrollo, fabricación y exportación de sombreros de paja, sombreros de fieltro, artículos para el hogar y bolsas de paja. Se encuentra en la provincia de Henan con un taller de 5000 metros cuadrados y 130 empleados. Su salida es de 150000 pcs por mes. La fábrica ha sido auditada por ZARA, Sedex e ICS.
Sunrose, ubicada en Ningbo, provincia de Zhejiang, se centra en la comercialización, el desarrollo y la exportación. Más de 1000 nuevos estilos se han presentado en la sala de exposición. Y nuestro personal está familiarizado con la especialidad del producto y el proceso de operación de exportación.

What we do

Why source from us

Our Advantages

more than 600 pcs new styles developed each year.
Good prices and on-time delivery

Our Capability

Annual output:  1,000,000 pcs per year
Sample Lead time: 7-15 days
Production Lead time: 40-50days
Output in Peak Season: 150,000 pcs per month

Our History

In 2019,our boss upgrades our Ningbo company to be "Ningbo Sunrose Crafts",and expands the range of products,such as the home wares and straw bags.
In 2018,Mr.Niu  set up his own factory buildings in his hometown and moved his factory from Ningbo to Henan province .This new factory is the answer to raising production costs and shrinking workforce ,and at the meantime supplying competitive prices to our foreign customers.
In 2014,with 20 years' sewing experience,Mr.Niu established his own factory in Ningbo .He began with manufacturing and exporting all kinds of straw hats and felt hats.
Mr.Niu enjoyed learning sewing hats after he graduated,and being a professinal straw hat maker.In 1993 he led a big team with dozens of workers and sew  hat boides for other  big straw hats factories as a outside processes manufacturer.
Hand-weaving wheat straw is a traditional handicrafts with a  long history in our boss's hometown.Our boss, Mr.niuhongyuan's parents supported the big family by weaving and selling wheat straw.